Masters of Creation

Welcome to the Professional Manifesting

Support You’ve Been Waiting For …

How would you like having an LOA Master Coach in your back pocket every day?

I’d love to be your #1 go-to resource for manifesting more magic this year!

Jeannette Maw, Good Vibe Coach

Dear Conscious Creator,

I know what you’ve been thinking …

You’d love to have someone accessible and reliable you can turn to for help with life situations.

Someone with a like-mind who knows how to support you effectively. Someone who helps you find your best answers and someone who will root for you no matter what. Someone who has walked the talk themselves and can help you do the same.

Especially if it didn’t cost an arm and a leg.

The reason I know this is not because I have ESP, but because I’ve been reading your emails about it!

Hi, I’m Jeannette Maw, the Good Vibe Coach, and I’ve heard your requests for affordable, professional LOA savvy support. And I think I have just the thing for you …

It’s called the Masters of Creation Circle.

It’s not for everyone, but those who do join this circle will find some of the most forward-thinking, magic-making, successful conscious creators on the planet.

And if you understand that success is contagious, and that (as Jim Rohn said) we are who we hang out with, you’ll know why this is a party worth considering.

Introducing the Masters of Creation Circle …

For conscious creators who know that life works better with LOA-savvy help.

As a member of the Masters Circle you get the best of both worlds:

Private support from a Master Coach – at a group rate.

Let’s face it – private coaching can be expensive.

Especially if you do it long term.

And especially if you do it with a Master Coach.

But I don’t think that the benefits of a personal coach should be limited to those with unlimited budgets.

The answer many coaches come up with is a group gig. It costs less, but you give up the customized private aspect.

While group gatherings certainly have their benefit, they don’t allow the same magic that comes with 1-1 personal support.

Which is why I put together the best of both worlds in one offering, at a price that’s exceptionally affordable.

What Is the Masters Circle?

This gathering is designed to help you become a masterful conscious creator.

It’s founded on the principles of conscious creation and leveraging the power of group energy. Together we are more potent.

We manifest dreams into reality using this structure:

New members complete a Declaration Form which sets the bar and clarifies your desires and intentions.

Together you and I assemble your Customized Manifesting Plan.

Monthly we appraise how your Plan is unfolding and tweak as appropriate.

This might sound like work, but many of our plans include slacker manifesting, the art of distraction, letting go, the “screw it” approach, along with more traditional alignment plans.

Each step is tailored to your personal preferences, beliefs, experiences and quirks.

Who This Is For

This might be your gig if:

  1. You believe in your power to create reality. (You don’t have to be LOA savvy, but at least open/curious.)
  2. You are willing to do the vibrational work. (This is not for theoretical study. We apply and live the principles of conscious creation.)
  3. You are ready to give up believing that life is hard and struggle is necessary. (We’re into easy, fast and magical.)
  4. You are excited to maximize your potential and activate your best dreams come true.
  5. You are tired of grappling with life’s issues on your own, and are ready to be well-supported in your success.
  6. You love a great deal! (If you have to spend all the money to feel like you’re getting the best there is, this is not your gig.)

If that sounds like you, keep reading for more details about the Masters Circle at Good Vibe University …

What You’ll Get

Private Coach Calls

Being part of the Masters Circle means you have a coach on retainer when you need one. We’ll talk when a chat would be helpful, and also you’ll have access to scheduled private call-in days every other Thursday.

VIP Email Support

You get first priority in my inbox, for those times it’s more convenient to write instead of phone. It’s an easy way to keep me in your loop, and for me to check in on your progress.

Live Group Calls

Each month we dial in for a group call on a subject designed to help us enhance our manifesting skills. These discussions are exclusive to Masters of Creation members, and are recorded for members unable to attend live.

Full Access to GVU

Enrolling in the Masters Circle gains you automatic access to the entire GVU library as well as private member resources, including complimentary coach sessions with LOA coaches.

Private Forum

Masters members enjoy a private secure forum for sharing successes, posting updates, and passing along helpful resources, as well as continuing discussions inspired by the group recordings.

Like-Minded Peeps

If you’ve been craving a powerful circle of like-minded friends, you’ll find it here. Most members report that this is the most supportive and positive-minded group they’ve ever encountered. If you’re looking to upgrade your “five,” this will do it!

As you can see, membership has its benefits.

Between private coach sessions ($300/ea), email support ($150/mo), group calls ($100/ea), and GVU access alone, the value is well over $700/month. And that’s not taking into account the value of accountability and group energy.

But as I said, this is a private coach option priced like a group gig. So your enrollment rate is significantly less than the value offered. Keep reading for your enrollment options …

How To Get In

Here’s the deal …

You can choose between two enrollment options to get in on this gig. The annual membership offers the same benefits as the monthly option. So if you plan on sticking around a while, you’ll save money by choosing the year long enrollment.

Pick the one that works best for you:

When you do the math on the annual option it comes out to about $200/month.
(You can see I meant it when I said you’d get custom & private support at a group rate!)

What We Can Do Together

What will you create as a result of enrolling in the Masters Circle? There’s no limit to the possibilities, but here are just a few ways other members use their membership privileges:

If you join us in the Masters Circle, it will likely not just change your life, but the ripple effect will positively impact your loved ones as well. Including me. I’m a better manifestor for all the work I’ve done with Masters members, and I look forward to doing that with you, too.

Love & Miracles –

Jeannette Maw
Good Vibe Coach


Frequently Asked Questions


How many members are there?

Past experience tells me I can best support all members when we’re numbered between 20 and 30. So this is truly an intimate circle.


How much private support do I get?

You’ll get the support you need, when you need it. We’ll connect via email, phone or skype as needed to get you on the right track and keep your momentum fueled. Also, every other Thursday is a scheduled call-in day that any member can take advantage of.


What kind of interaction with others?

You have the option of taking advantage of the power of the group, which you can do by joining group calls, participating in forum discussions, or even just listening to recordings. Or you can keep this party just between me and you. Either way works!


How long do members stay?

About a third of our current members have been here since the circle opened in 2010. Most stay for at least a year before inspiration calls them elsewhere.


Do I have to sign a contract?

No contracts or time commitments required. Cancel your account online whenever you like.


What can you help with?

Since my specialty is conscious creation, there isn’t anything I can’t help you manifest. Whether it’s work, relationships, health, or whatever else is on your plate, we can leverage law of attraction to help you get the outcome you want.


What can I expect will happen?

You’ll get out of this what you put into it, but this is hands down the best offer I have to support your highest success. I intend this to be the best investment you’ve ever made for your personal development.


How easy is it to cancel?

Very easy. You can cancel your account online anytime, or send me a note and I can do it for you.