Body Love Lab

Ready for some quantum leap magic for your physical body?

We’re going to quantum shift our way right into our ideal bodies this spring in Body Love Lab.

We’ll leverage wisdom from leading edge science as well as our favorite metaphysical gurus to bypass the struggle and frustration that many experience in regaining physical health or achieving weight loss.

Body Love Lab is where we re-learn love and enjoyment of our body. We’re going to get healthy, feel our vitality, adjust our weight if appropriate, get comfortable in our physical form, feel confident and sexy, love how we look or whatever we might prefer for ourselves – this is where we optimize our experience of our physical self.

What is it?

In Body Love Lab we’ll learn the vibration that allows our physical form to optimize. We’ll get clear about what works and what doesn’t, identify and release habits that have blocked our body from its natural thriving, and engage practices that allow our preferences to manifest.

Whether you’re familiar with deliberate creation or new to its magic, these four weeks together will transform the way you think of, relate to, and experience your physical form.

Lots of folks don’t know the most effective way to “tend the temple” – but this gathering will set us straight and help align to health, vitality and well being.

How is the course structured?

We meet by phone (calls are recorded if you’re joining live). The talkshoe conference line allows you to join via skype or to stream online if you prefer.

Each gathering is approximately 45 minutes on Mondays at 2 pm eastern.

There will be weekly assignments customized for each participant.

Who’s it for?

Anyone who wants to create a change in their physical form (such as improved health, weight adjustments, enhanced vitality, etc.) through their creative powers. Whether you’re a savvy creator or brand new to law of attraction, this course will raise your consciousness (as well as your vibration) about your physical form.

This course is for those frustrated with traditional weight loss efforts, open to vibrational solutions, and ready to experience new levels of self-approval and appreciation.

What you’ll get:

When you engage the material in each week’s call, you will learn your true power to experience the physical self you prefer.

Put these principles to work and you will create the kind of change that others won’t necessarily understand or believe. We’re going to transcend the conventional thoughts around time required to achieve what we desire.

You’ll understand why traditional methods for physical changes in health and weight fail us, but best of all, you’ll learn to love your body again.

Course details

Cost:           $497
Start:           April 28th, 2 pm eastern, weekly gatherings by phone/online
Duration:    4 weeks

Recordings will be available along with transcripts for those who don’t join the live calls. You can join calls via skype or stream online.

Extra perks:

  • Introduction to how the whole vibration management thing works
  • Written transcripts of each call
  • Strengthened manifesting muscle and enhanced vibration management discipline
  • Recordings to keep
  • Tapping into group energy (it’s seriously magical!)
  • Meeting like-minded fellow creators

Course completed

Email me for info on the next Body Love Lab date …