What’s a great way to master
law of attraction principles?

Hang out with like-minded creators who are doing it!

That’s what you’ll find at Good Vibe University, an online party filled with other deliberate creators committed to mastering the skills of deliberate creation.

We come from all over the globe and all walks of life to share one thing in common – a passion for making the most out of life through the practice of conscious creation, aka leveraging the law of attraction.

Some of us don’t have anyone to talk to about our law of attraction interests and would love someone we could share about it with.  For those who are already pretty good at using LOA, it's nice to get better at it by plugging into a community who is up to the same game.  At GVU we share a common commitment to enjoying life, generously supporting and encouraging fellow creators, and making the most of our creative powers!

What you’ll find at GVU:

Free to Everyone:

  • GVU calls are open to everyone who dials in live
  • Beginning tutorials covering the basics of law of attraction practices
  • Success stories from other creators
  • Vibe-lifters to raise your energy and give you a boost in creating your vibrational alignment
  • Favorite LOA resources

Paid enrollment also gets you:

  • Access to archived library of calls
  • Access to private forums
  • Access to complimentary coaches
  • Access to download library with tools, exercises and more
  • Access to the LOA Treasure Hunt (prizes and fun)
  • Discount on private coaching with Good Vibe Coach Jeannette
  • Exclusive access to archived issues of Get What You Want ezine
  • Over 200 articles dedicated to increasing your LOA skills

Benefits to Members:

  • Support (when you can’t see your own situation objectively, it's helpful to get experienced input from fellow deliberate creators. You won’t find a more supportive gathering online to help you get what you want in life!)
  • Encouragement (sometimes when everyone else thinks you’re nuts, you just need to hear someone say you can do it. And deliberate creators, of all people, know that everything is possible!)
  • Inspiration (when belief is flagging and results are lagging, a little inspiration can help you get back on track. We’ve got that in spades here in the GVU forums. Some people log in just to get an injection of enthusiasm before they start their day!)
  • Manifesting Tips (we’re generous in sharing new habits, disciplines, practices, perspectives and thoughts that work to create vibrational alignment. This alone is worth the investment of membership, since one good idea can result in a windfall of manifesting success.)
  • Practices (from focus wheels to EFT to The Work to regular rampages of appreciation to new stories and much, much more, there are plenty of LOA friendly disciplines to learn and engage in your own manifesting practice)
  • Coaching (a lineup of experienced LOA coaches offering their complimentary services to GVU members)
  • OutSourcerers (need expert help manifesting your dream? Turn it over to our OutSourcerers, who have a great track record for visioning your dreams to life)
  • Community (you won’t find a more positive, supportive, engaging LOA community online!)
  • Tutorials (step by step instructions for mastering the art of manifesting)

What that does for you:

Inspires you to embrace your creative powers

to live life like you want it,

and have fun in the process!

What others are saying about GVU:

"the Good Vibe place has EVERYTHING you could ever desire regarding all things LOA. AND, the best part, the people are FABULOUS!  I celebrated my one month anniversary yesterday and the shift in my vibe is awesome."

- Julie, Texas USA

"I love you guys and the beautiful and positive energy so much. I can rampage about gvu all day long! This site is a total inspiration for me!"  

- Pamela S, New Jersey USA

"Out of all the LOA-savvy hangouts available on the web, this one kicks the most ass!"  

- Sara E, Texas USA

"OMG… just spent a few minutes poking around. I’m going to dedicate my former facebook time to GVU. It’ll be WAY better for me in the long run! Soooo excited!"

- Nikki S. Tennessee USA

"I adore what you've created at Good Vibe U! It sounds so crazy but Good Vibe U is really like a mini vortex - how amazing!"  

- Kellie C, California USA

"GVU is a sacred place where I can share my heart.  This is my new community-my safe 'church' & I love knowing I am valued in a loving, positive group of people where I can both offer support and receive it day or night."  

- Auretha Callison, Best Image Coach

"I just posted to OutSourcerers and feel better already! Thank you (a million times over) for creating this space!!!   "

- P.A., Georgia USA

"YOU're brilliant.  GVU is brilliant.  I'm so honored to play with such amazing people.  Thank you and the entire GVUcrew once again!"  

- Debra Gehrke,  Joy of Brilliance

"Hi Jeannette, I just listened to the recording of the call with Frank B. yesterday and it's AWESOME, I still have goosebumbs – wow – is this powerful and exciting!"

- Pernille Madsen, Denmark's LOA Coach

"I am love love loving GVU! I signed on for the Attracting Clients calls but am continuing membership. Since the last two calls I feel my vibration rising, have experienced fantastic synchronous events, and feel GREAT every time I log on. This was meant to happen!"  

- M.E., New York USA

"WOW, Jeannette, this is some community you have gathered! How incredible to have such wisdom, intelligence and love all in one spot. Everything you and the rest of the tribe are saying about LOA has really opened my eyes to a new way of seeing, and I am eternally grateful.  You rock!" 

- Catharina Brisbane, Australia

"Good Vibe U is a GREAT data source, I especially learn so much in the archived calls, it is fast, easy and very very convenient, I visit it often. The Communion of Light call on 5/6 was sensational, and the Dan Howard Resting series is life-changing. Again, super wonderful, can't thank you enough." 

- Jeannie, USA

"I’ve mentioned before that GVU is the best LOA party on the planet, and I’m not joking!"  

- Nancy Barry-Jansson  Affirming Spirit

"The first 30 minutes alone of the Making Peace call was worth the year's membership fee, for sure!"  

- Judy Marcellot, author of Sacred Gardens

Next step:

If you're ready for some LOA fun and support, you're invited to join us for our next live calls (check the calendar here for the schedule), visit the free resources here, or make your membership official by enrolling today.

You can access the full site (archived library, forums, complimentary coaches, etc.) through either a monthly membership ($27/month) or annual enrollment ($170 for the year).  Either option starts with a three week trial enrollment for just $1 so you get a chance to try it all out before you pay the full membership rate.

Welcome to the hottest LOA party in town ...

We’re looking forward to meeting you!


Jeannette MawJeannette Maw
Good Vibe Coach

Again, here's the link to check out the party at GVU; here's the link to join.