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Slacker Manifesting

There’s a better way to bring your dreams to life – and although it seems radical it makes perfect sense from a physics perspective and is also proven to be highly effective.

The Art of Chilling Out to Get What You Want

Manifesting Made Simple  Pin It

This book is intended to clarify and simplify the concepts of deliberate creation so you can experience easy manifesting. For real.

Get What You Want Using the Law of Attraction!


LOA for the Real World  Pin It

law of attraction for the real world ebookAre you ready to allow in more financial prosperity? Would you love to effortlessly achieve better health? And create relationships that thrive? Then it may be your time to leverage the Law of Attraction in your every day life ...  Get Immediate Access to my Free eBook.

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Adventures In Manifesting 

adventures in manifesting ebookNothing better than real life success stories to amp up your belief and inspiration to create what you want! Enjoy my favorite personal manifesting experiences to help you create your next success stories!

Get inspired by real life manifesting success stories

Money Mojo Magic  Pin It

Money Mojo Magic ebookReady to amp up your money manifesting powers? This e-package shares the ins and outs of lining up your money vibe for financial wealth.

Create Your Own Money Mojo Magic

The Art of Self-Love  Pin It

The Art of Self Love eBookWondering if Universe lost your wish list? The hold up may actually be YOU! Find out if you're missing this essential key to successful manifesting…

Practice the #1 Key to Manifesting

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Pray Rain Journaling  Pin It

Pray Rain Journaling eBookIs the resistance of reality keeping you from getting what you want? Use this unique manifesting method to shift the vibe and make your dreams come true.

Turn your vibe around today!

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Advice to Deliberate Creators 

advice to deliberate creators ebookWe asked some of the Deliberate Creators at Good Vibe University what advice they’d give themselves when they first started playing with the law of attraction … in order to help shorten the learning curve for other manifesters.

Their words of wisdom were so insightful that we decided to share it with everyone.

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good vibe universityGood Vibe University

If you're looking for the online party with fellow creators, this is the place! Group calls and vibe-lifter videos are available to everyone; the archived library of calls and courses as well as the private and very active forums are for members only. Which you can be for just $1 on a three week trial.

good vibe coach academyGood Vibe Coach Academy

For coaches and those aspiring to become a coach, this training and certification program is for those who want to incorporate deliberate creation into their practices. By leveraging the law of attraction, you solidify not jut your success but your clients' as well. Four modules are offered independently or collectively, so you can focus on Coach Skills, Business Building, LOA Foundation, or Mentoring. Modules are delivered each week electronically, and live study groups are available as well.